Sustainable Marketing®

Imagine having a strategic system that makes growing your business much easier.

7 Part Marketing System - Sustainable Marketing

7 Part Marketing System

Start by focusing your attention on your most valuable customers so you can understand them better and deliver what they want.

Each Part Working Together

From the very first time potential customers hear about you, to the great experiences that keep them coming back.

Step 1 - Sustainable Strategy

Sustainable Strategy

Developing your brand and planning your marketing strategy guides crucial decisions such as who your ideal customer is, what your logo should look like, and where to spend your money on marketing and advertising.

Step 2: Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Your marketing, sales, and customer service processes create the experiences your customers have. They need to align with their buying habits every step of the way.

Step 3: Content

Content Creation

Your marketing system relies heavily on your website content and resources. E-Books, how-to articles, and white papers attract people to your site and demonstrate your company’s expertise.

Step 4: Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Once your strategy is attracting the right people, you need to motivate them to engage with your business by calling you, requesting more information, or signing up for a free trial.

Step 5: Closing Sales

Closing Sales

Your marketing system supports your sales team with forms and procedures that qualify leads, marketing automation that keeps new contacts engaged, and effective presentation collateral.

Step 6: Customer Service

Customer Service

You can encourage people to become repeat customers through loyalty programs, memberships, and special offers. The more important you make them feel, the more likely they will spread the word about your business.

Step 7: Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

You have determined what your goals are. Now you need to track your progress with a customized dashboard. By measuring specific successes and failures, you can adjust and improve your marketing over time.

Why A Marketing System?

Building a strategic marketing system is the best way to get predictable results and make the most out of your investment.

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Stop guessing. Build your marketing system and be certain.

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Sustainable Marketing® Packages

Choose a standard 12-month package or set your budget and our team will build a custom marketing plan that fits your needs.



  • Action Plan and Calendar
  • Keyword Strategy - 20 Phrases
  • 1 Blog Post/mo
  • 1 Email Newsletter/mo
  • Social Posting - Standard
  • Key Metrics Reporting
  • 1 Improvement Meeting/mo



  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy
  • Action Plan and Calendar
  • Keyword Strategy - 40 Phrases
  • 2 Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • 1 Ebook
  • 1 Blog Post/mo
  • 1 Email Newsletter/mo
  • Social Posting - Plus
  • Key Metrics Reporting
  • 1 Improvement Meeting/mo



  • Sustainable Marketing Strategy
  • Action Plan and Calendar
  • Keyword Strategy - 60 Phrases
  • 3 Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • 2 Downloadable Ebook
  • 2 Blog Posts/mo
  • 2 Email Newsletter/mo
  • Social Posting - Plus
  • Key Metrics Reporting
  • 1 Improvement Meeting/mo
  • 1 Google Adwords Campaign


Common questions people ask us about our Sustainable Marketing® packages.

Our typical client is a small- to medium-sized company that operates in heavily regulated industries like construction, manufacturing, and professional services that have an extensive sales cycle. Their prospects generally carry out in-depth research and follow a formal approval process before making a purchasing decision.

In order to ensure the success of your marketing system, you must be committed to following suggestions and advice to the best of your ability. This includes trying marketing tactics that are new to you, providing us with your marketing assets, following agreed upon timelines, attending scheduled meetings, providing feedback to our team, etc.

The amount of time you will need to dedicate will vary depending on our service agreement. The first 60 days is typically the most demanding because there is a lot to do. During this time, we will need to get your blog up and running, develop your sustainable marketing strategy, and create a lot of content before the launch. Each week will require a 30-60 minute phone call meeting, as well as time to accomplish that week's action items. To ensure a smooth launch, it's safe to plan 4-8 hours each week at a minimum. After 60 days—once the new marketing system is launched—the demands on your time will decrease.

Depending on your goals, this will vary. For example, some clients want to build brand recognition and be seen as leaders in their industry, while others put more value on generating qualified leads for their sales department. Developing your strategic marketing system will improve the impression people have of your brand immediately. It is also possible for leads to be generated as soon as your system is in place. However, since sustainable marketing is not a short-term project, it will likely take 3-6 months before you will see a consistent increase in new leads. Your results will be influenced by your lead qualification criteria, how frequently we are publishing relevant content for you, the willingness of your team to participate in the process, your social media reach, how many quality contacts are in your database, and the length of your sales cycle.

The minimum service agreement for our monthly marketing packages is 4 months. Contact us and we will be happy to put together a custom package for you.

Creating a steady stream of strategic, well-written content is one of the most time consuming and important parts of developing your sustainable marketing system. For most businesses, finding the time to do it consistently is not always possible or the best use of internal resources. A strategy we have found that works very well is for us to get a "rough draft" from you through an interview or in written form. We then fine-tune this raw text and create the finished piece for you.

Yes. We work with many clients that are not located in Loveland, Colorado. With all of the options for communicating these days it has become common to collaborate remotely.

Our 'pay as you go' pricing is $125/hour. Although we do not recommend 'pay as you go' marketing services for your long-term strategy, there are many reasons you may have short-term needs. The digital and traditional marketing services we provide include—but are not limited to—strategy, inbound marketing, campaigns, seo, graphic design, photography, copywriting, pay-per-click, social media, etc.

Monthly marketing packages are billed at the beginning of every month.

We accept payments via PayPal and all major credit/debit cards.

Yes. We offer a comprehensive marketing review, strategy, and game plan for $2,400. We will start by learning more about your company and goals, analyzing your current marketing activities and assets, researching your competition, defining your customer profiles, conducting SEO research, and examining the technical aspects of your website. Based on all of this work, we will develop the framework for your sustainable marketing system. With your action plan in hand, you can decide if you would like to move forward by signing a service agreement.

We start developing your marketing system about 2 weeks after you sign the service agreement. This lead time is used to prepare our team for the launch.

Diggles Creative put together an amazing website, brand and image for my company. I am extremely appreciative that they let me work directly with them in order to brainstorm and let me be involved with the creative process. Because of the website Diggles Creative designed for my company I have received incredible recognition from many major retailers nationwide!

– JACY JOHNSTON | Beeyond the Hive | Elizabeth, CO.

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