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Imagine having a plan that makes growing your business much easier.

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Why sign up for a long-term marketing plan?

We take care of all the marketing services you need to accomplish your business goals. We recommend marketing strategies, implement processes, and create monthly deliverables.

Our old website was full of content but said very little. We spent years paying thousands of dollars and getting no results. Diggles Creative has eliminated problems, marketing roadblocks, and replaced 5 levels of service vendors. Our new site is fresh, simple, and user friendly. We are generating the traffic and orders we always wanted.

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What's included in a long-term marketing plan?

Set your budget and our team will build a custom marketing plan that fits your needs. It will be built around 7 key areas that contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Step 1 - Sustainable Strategy

1. Strategy

We help you develop a brand and marketing strategy that will guide crucial decisions such as which customers to focus your attention on, how to clearly communicate your value, what your logo should look like, and where to invest your marketing and advertising dollars.

Step 2: Customer Experience

2. Customer Experience

Your customers have a variety of ways to engage with your company. They can talk with a sales person, call customer service, browse through marketing collateral, visit your website, or see you on social media. We will help ensure that your messaging and brand visuals are consistent across every channel.

Step 3: Content

3. Content Creation

Make your customers happy with valuable content. We help you create blog posts, ebooks, case studies, emails, how-to articles, white papers, etc. By creating traditional and digital content that helps your customers solve problems, you will be known as experts in your industry.

Step 4: Lead Generation

4. Lead Generation

We help customers engage with your business through a combination of traditional and automated marketing campaigns. We create advertisements for paid media that will bring leads as long as the campaign runs. We also help you develop marketing assets of your own that will generate new leads for years.

Step 5: Closing Sales

5. Closing Sales

We help your sales team hit their targets by taking the time to understand what marketing efforts will help them most. This could be forms and procedures that qualify leads, marketing automation that keeps new contacts engaged, or materials for events and presentations.

Step 6: Customer Service

6. Customer Service

We help you create marketing that thinks beyond the initial sale and focuses on the lifetime value of your customers by encouraging them to become repeat buyers. The more important you make your customers feel, the more value they will bring through direct revenue, advocacy, and referrals.

Step 7: Continuous Improvement

7. Continuous Improvement

No two customers are exactly alike. We help you discover your unique success metrics and follow up by developing your marketing campaigns in a way that can be accurately measured.

Every campaign is tracked so we can review the results and meet with you to decide which areas need improvement. Soon, you’ll create a very effective marketing system that will make your business thrive now and in the years to come.

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