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Guide - Logo File Usage
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In this guide we will explain the difference between popular logo file types like JPG, PNG, EPS, and AI. You will also learn what to use if you are making a website or a t-shirt or a sign.

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  1. EPS – EPS files are your standard vector file format. They are best used for any design elements or logos that need to be resized. EPS files are print ready but will need to be converted to a raster file in order to use online.
  2. RGB – This color space is based on three colors (red, green, blue). You’ll use this color format strictly online.
  3. Raster vs. Vector – Raster file types include .jpg and .png. Raster files, or images, are the same kind of images you take on your phone and are based on a dot matrix structure. Vector files types include .eps and .ai. Vector files are based on polygons vs. pixels to create images.

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