Windmill Homes

Building Distinctive New Homes in Northern Colorado

Windmill Homes

Windmill Homes delivers what the savvy new homebuyer is seeking: high design, high quality, and a high level of personalization in prime locations across Northern Colorado.

Windmill Homes is a builder that is easy to work with and understands what their customers are looking for in a new home. Finding a creative partner who could help them deliver this message effectively, be available for ongoing work, and help them keep their marketing looking great was challenging. “I was able to move forward without hesitation once I met with Diggles Creative,” said Trena, Sales and Marketing Manager for Windmill Homes.


We helped Windmill Homes communicate how easy it is to buy a home from them by focusing their marketing on three areas that matter the most to new homebuyers.

  1. Finding a community they want to live in.
  2. Looking through floor plans to find a layout they like.
  3. Finding a salesperson to show them homes and help them through the purchasing process.
Icons for Windmill Homes.

Previously, like many builders, Windmill Homes used engineering drawings for their community site plans. Engineering drawings are highly technical and difficult to comprehend. Their new site plans are easy for new homebuyers to understand and provide the sales team with a powerful tool.

The community site plans are available online and also displayed in the design center for in-person meetings. People get a quick overview of each community and can hover over available lots to see pricing details.

Marketing site plan for Windmill Homes - Before and After
Click the image of the site plan to see what it looked like before.


Many builders like to brand each of their new developments, and Windmill Homes is no exception. Generally, they like to include a logo, color palette, font choice, and site plan in the brand guide for each of their communities.

When Windmill Homes needs signage, t-shirts, brochures, or other marketing collateral, they can send their brand guide to vendors ensuring consistency between all of their graphics.

Community branding visuals for Windmill Homes

Web Design and Development

The homepage is designed to be simple. It is obvious who Windmill Homes is, what they do, and where their communities are located. Answering these basic questions right away makes it easy for people to click through for more information.

Web design for Windmill Homes

It can be difficult to organize website content for multiple communities. It doesn't have to be that way. The Windmill Homes site uses secondary menus within each community section, making navigation simple and information easy to find. Play the video below to see how it works.

The floor plan section is the most popular area of the site. People can search for a plan by community, bedrooms, bathrooms, and style. When they find a floor plan they like, they can look through an image gallery and download a PDF brochure. Play the video below to see how it works.

An interactive map was added to the site to help new homebuyers choose their community, see pictures of model homes, see what floor plans are available, and get driving directions. Play the video below to see how it works.

Attention to detail is important to Windmill Homes. Downloadable PDF floor plans are branded with their logo, fonts, and colors.

Marketing PDF Sales Sheets for Windmill Homes

Commercial Photography

Windmill Homes recognizes the need for quality pictures. They know that great images attract customers and help sell homes. It's that simple.

Commercial photography for Windmill Homes
Commercial photography for Windmill Homes
Commercial photography for Windmill Homes
Commercial photography for Windmill Homes


  • The website is clean, easy to use, and day-to-day updates can be done by internal staff.
  • Windmill Homes has a long-term partner that helps them keep their marketing looking great and up to date as they grow.
  • Windmill Homes has doubled their growth, now building 100+ homes per year.

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