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Case Study: Miracles of Health

About Miracles of Health

Health and Wellness
Company Size
1-10 Employees

Miracles of Health believes that whether one chooses conventional medicine, wholistic wellness or a combination of both, the real prescription for healing is knowledge. Education empowers people to heal themselves.

Since 1992, Miracles of Health has been building their business on trusted relationships with their customers—health conscious people between 30 and 50 years old. Their original lineup of products has remained mostly unchanged until recently.

With new opportunities coming to light in the health and wellness industry, Miracles of Health expanded existing lines and introduced new products that bring them into new markets. This expansion has a number of marketing challenges, such as, rebranding their company to encompass new product lines without alienating current customers, creating new packaging that complies with FDA rules and regulations, educating their customers about the benefits of their new products, and getting people to try them.

Branding logo design for Miracles of Health

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Miracles of Health — Vicky Sweet

Branding, Logo Design, and Graphics

With a recent expansion into new product lines, Miracles of Health decided it was time to renew their brand visuals.

The logo, product packaging, ecommerce website design, 3D product renderings, event displays, and marketing collateral were all included in the brand transformation.

The new look brings Miracles of Health and their customers into the future of health and wellness while honoring past achievements, lessons learned, and relationships made over the years. Their updated logo stands out on packaging, while maintaining their existing bright color palette, setting them apart from their competitors using earthy themes.

A lot of challenges also arise when creating packaging for a health supplement product line. The FDA has many regulations that must be followed. We worked through each one of them and created a look that is uniquely Miracles of Health while also complying to federal regulations.

Branding packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding CBD packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding CBD packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding CBD packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding CBD Packaging for Miracles of Health
Branding retractable banner event displays for Miracles of Health

Web Design and Development

Miracles of Health have received many positive comments from their customers since simplifying the design, clarifying the messaging, and organizing the content throughout the website.

The blog for Miracles of Health brings a lot of organic traffic. When people find one of their articles online, they will see Miracles of Health as experts, helping them make informed decisions about their health and wellness. When ready to buy, these website visitors will think of Miracles of Health first.

We simplified the shopping cart experience and made it as easy as possible for people to buy. This improved sales immediately, resulting in a 40% month over month increase during the first 3 months.

Homepage - Miracles of Health
Blog - Miracles of Health
Product Category - Miracles of Health
Product Detail - Miracles of Health
Cart - Miracles of Health


Sustainable Marketing

Strategy—Miracles of Health's products work, but previous messaging about physical benefits of cleansing, healthy digestion, and detoxification wasn't resonating. It all sounded too clinical and technical.

During our marketing strategy sessions, what matters most to their customers became clear–learning how to improve the way they feel. Everybody wants to feel their best and Miracles of Health provides the products and guidance to help people get there.

Marketing posters for Miracles of Health

Sustainable Marketing

Customer Experience—With their move into the CBD market, Miracles of Health was faced with many marketing challenges. The topic of CBD is sensitive and they did not want to alienate their current clients. They needed to help their customers understand the differences between CBD and THC, and more importantly, the benefits CBD will bring to their lives.

To make it easy for people to try, Miracles offers free sample vials at trade shows and variety packs that can be purchased online. Once people take the step of trying them out, they will be more likely to buy in the future.

Branding CBD Packaging Sample Vial for Miracles of Health
Branding CBD Packaging Variety Pack for Miracles of Health

Sustainable Marketing

Continuous Improvement—In order to make improvements, you need to be able to measure your results. The Sustainable Marketing® dashboard for Miracles of Health only includes data related to their goals.

Where is website traffic coming from? How much from online searches and social media? How about paid advertising? What cities are we getting the most sales from? Miracles of Health knows. Best of all, they know how much revenue each channel is bringing in.

Marketing dashboard for Miracles of Health

Commercial Photography

It is easy to find health related stock photography. But Miracles of Health doesn't want to look like every other company that sells health supplements online.

They use authentic ingredients. Their formulations have been developed by a team with years of knowledge and direct experience with their customers—a message that only custom images can communicate.

Branding photography for Miracles of Health
Branding photography for Miracles of Health
Branding photography for Miracles of Health
Branding photography for Morning Fresh Dairy


Compared to other companies in their industry that use earthy themes in their marketing, Miracles of Health stands out literally and figuratively as the bright, positive alternative.
Miracles of Health has a complete set of packaging graphics that follow FDA regulations and matching 3D product renderings for their ecommerce website.
Miracles of Health has a complete sales funnel that leads to product purchases and repeat customers. From educational articles to product samples, Miracles of Health makes it easy for people to learn about their products and try them before they buy.
Miracles of Health has a marketing dashboard that tells them the ROI of their digital marketing channels. Using this information helps them continuously improve their marketing efforts and sales.
Miracles of Health saw a 40% month over month increase in online sales during the first 3 months.