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Gerrard Excavating

Gerrard Excavating, Inc. began excavating foundations and grading small sites for builders and developers in the early 1980's. Since that time, they have become one of the largest infrastructure/site development contractors in the northern Colorado region.


As a construction company that works on large infrastructure projects, Gerrard frequently bids on government contracts. Together we created an RFP template to keep their proposals looking professional and consistent from job to job.

Marketing RFP for Gerrard Excavating


If you are from northern Colorado, you have probably seen the logo designed for Gerrard Excavating. Reproduced on a wide variety of construction gear including vehicles, signage, equipment, hard hats, etc., Gerrard's logo is recognizable at any size and from any distance.

Truck graphics for Gerrard Excavating
T-shirt graphics for Gerrard Excavating
Branding stationary for Gerrard Excavating

Web Design and Development

We designed their original site back in 2004, and recently refreshed the look, added some new functionality, and improved the infrastructure.

Web design for Gerrard Excavating

Commercial Photography

Without images, it can be difficult to explain the types of projects your company can handle. When a potential client sees an image of excavators lined up in a row, they get an immediate sense that your company is serious about construction. An added bonus is that pictures of big machines are cool :-)

Branding photography for Gerrard Excavating
Branding photography for Gerrard Excavating
Branding photography for Gerrard Excavating

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