Nonprofit Marketing

Case Study: Bohemian Foundation

About Bohemian Foundation


Bohemian Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to the care and enrichment of our local, national, and global communities.

The website they wanted to build needed to meet the requirements of both the marketing communications and IT departments.

The communications department wanted a dynamic website that matches their visual design specifications, gives them the ability to update content for multiple departments, and works beautifully on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

The IT department asked for a website that is secure, can scale as needs grow, will work on their hosting environment, and doesn't tie them to proprietary technology.

Web Development - Bohemian Foundation

Diggles Creative are exceptional listeners who take the time to understand our organization. They are patient, professional and skilled. They delivered a high-quality website that exceeded our expectations on a tight timeline. Diggles Creative provides ongoing support for our website and are easily accessible and friendly. We highly recommend them.

Bohemian Foundation — Communications Staff

Web Design and Development

Before the new site was announced to the public it was released to the employees to unearth any bugs that may have been missed.

The soft launch went really well, so the full launch stayed on schedule. Yay!

Shortly after the site launch–with minimal training–the marketing department was confidently adding press releases, creating new articles, and keeping their site looking great. They really took ownership of their website and we couldn't be happier.

Over time, the site content has grown with initiatives that Bohemian has added or expanded. An interesting feature of the website is it's smart search capability. As you type in the search box, results are autofilled to help you find what you are looking for as fast as possible.

Homepage - Bohemian Foundation
Pianos About Town - Bohemian Foundation
Muse - Bohemian Foundation
Give 10 - Bohemian Foundation
Site Search - Bohemian Foundation


Website Maintenance

When a website is such a central part of communications for a company, there is ongoing maintenance. Software needs to be updated, security procedures need to be put in place, and content needs change over time.

The site was originally launched in 2015. It still looks and works just as great as it did on launch day! We still work closely with the team at Bohemian and help them keep on top of website updates when they need an extra hand.


The website matches the visual design specifications of the communications department.
The communications department is able to add press releases and coordinate go live times with local news organizations.
The website works on Bohemians hosting environment and the IT department is not burdened with the manual tasks of keeping the website software updated and secure.