Nonprofit Marketing

Case Study: Trusted Water

About Trusted Water


After nearly 12 years in the field of water quality, Dr. Terry Stange grew more and more concerned reading headlines about lead and microbial contamination in school drinking water.

This led Terry to start Trusted Water as a non-profit with a mission to protect the health of our children while strengthening trust in our drinking water sources by sharing accurate, reliable water quality data with parents and communities.

Logo Design - Trusted Water

Branding, Logo Design, and Graphics

Terry wanted a business name that ties closely to his mission of building trust in water. During the naming process, we discovered Trusted Water. It is a perfect fit and both the .org and .com domains were available.

The other stakeholders in the organization fell in love with a photo of a young girl using her hands to drink water from a fountain and wanted to capture that feeling in their logo design.

To complete their brand identity design package, we created vehicle graphics, brochures, business cards, presentation folders, and a customized icon set to illustrate their drinking water certification process.

Icon Design - Advising Icon Design - Confirming Icon Design - Monitoring Icon Design - Remediating Icon Design - Testing Icon Design - Training
Branding vehicle graphics for Trusted Water.
Branding brochure design for Trusted Water.
Branding business card design for Trusted Water.
Branding presentation folder for Trusted Water.

Web Design and Development

The main purpose of the Trusted Water website is to educate parents about contamination issues surrounding our drinking water, especially the safety of drinking water at public schools.

The resource library allows people to learn about these issues on their own. The content includes curated articles published by reputable news sources that can be easily shared on social media. By providing unbiased content, Trusted Water is positioning themselves as the trusted source for information about drinking water safety.

Trusted Water offers water monitoring programs for schools and other organizations. All pricing is published on the website. The website also includes an interactive map to inform parents which schools are taking proactive steps to protect their children from waterborne ailments.

Web design for Trusted Water
Homepage - Trusted Water
Resource Library - Trusted Water
Pricing - Trusted Water
Interactive Map - Trusted Water



Trusted Water has a name, logo design, and graphics that evoke an emotional response and perfectly fit their mission.
The website for Trusted Water is positioning them as the trusted source for drinking water safety.
Trusted Water has the business collateral they need to spread their message effectively and has confidence that their branding and website is sharing the right message.