Solar Energy Marketing

Case Study: Sun Bandit®

About Sun Bandit®

Company Size
1-10 Employees

Sun Bandit® provides simple, clean, and dependable renewable energy that is easy to enjoy for everyone. Their patented solar hybrid energy systems are available throughout North America and international locations.

Sun Bandit's biggest challenge was getting people to use a website that was full of content but said very little (by saying way too much). People were leaving the website confused and not placing orders because they didn't know how to buy. Spending thousands of dollars on a website that wasn't working was very frustrating, and it was time for a change.

Web Design - Sun Bandit

Our old website was full of content but said very little. We spent years paying thousands of dollars and getting no results. Diggles Creative has eliminated problems, marketing road blocks, and replaced 5 levels of service vendors. Our new site is fresh, simple, and user friendly. We are generating the traffic and orders we always wanted.

Sun Bandit® — Barbara Southwell

Web Design and Development

Simpler is better. By making the main call to action on the homepage "How To Buy", it is very easy for people to find out. Clean design and clear messaging improved online sales immediately.

Success stories provide excellent examples of how other dealers are partnering with Sun Bandit® and having success selling their systems. The product pages have a clear description of everything that is included in each kit and which items are optional.

To streamline the signup process for channel partners, a commercial financing form was built directly into the site.

Homepage - Sun Bandit
How To Buy - Sun Bandit
Success Stories - Sun Bandit
Solar Kits - Sun Bandit
Commercial Financing - Sun Bandit


Sustainable Marketing

Strategy—Working with so many middleman vendors was a big problem that Sun Bandit® had to fix. Digital marketing was being handled by one agency. Email services were being handled by a different agency. The website hosting was on a server that was being managed by yet another agency. To make it worse, costly monthly add-ons were required by each of them.

We were able to help them become more self sufficient while retaining the services that bring value. By working with us for their marketing, website, and email services, they are trimming thousands of dollars in operational expenses every month.

Closing Sales—Working with a network of channel partners is an important part of Sun Bandit's growth strategy. Making it easy to set up credit terms helps the onboarding process go more smoothly.

To accomplish this, a credit application form was built into the site. When filled out and sent, a completed PDF file–matching Sun Bandit's branding of course–is emailed to the applicant and also to Sun Bandit's administration. This not only makes applying easy for new partners, but also saves Sun Bandit® a great deal of paperwork time.

Continuous Improvement—A big step in Sun Bandit's plan was to improve the overall efficiency of their sales and marketing programs, and track related expenses accurately.

Sun Bandit® wanted their CRM, email marketing, and accounting software to be connected. Even though all three are from the same software vendor, limitations were keeping them from working together like they wanted.

With a dash of ingenuity, past experience, and time spent working through issues with the software's technical support team, a solution was found.

Now, their email marketing software is integrated with the CRM, and sales and marketing activities are tied to purchases automatically. We take care of the technical stuff, and they keep track of everything within their accounting software.

This really has been a year of transformation for Sun Bandit®. We are so excited to see what the future has in store for them and the change they are bringing to the world.

Online PDF Application - Sun Bandit®


The simplified website reinforces Sun Bandit's brand vision–Simple, clean, and dependable renewable energy that is easy to enjoy for everyone.
Website visitors understand how to buy.
The first 12 months brought a 45% increase in website orders.
Thousands of dollars a month in operational costs are saved by replacing multiple levels of service vendors, a bunch of marketing tools, and costly add-ons that weren't needed anymore.
Sun Bandit® is able to track sales and marketing expenses accurately.