Your Home Builder Website Needs These Pages to Build Trust

4 Pages Home Builder Websites Need to Establish Trust

Did you know that your home builder website About Us section is not for you—it’s for your homebuyers? This is where people will go when they want to learn more about your business and decide if they should trust you to build their home.

An important step to establishing credibility and reliability in the minds of potential homebuyers is by including the right information in the About Us section on your website. When you do this right, homebuyers will know you have their best interest at heart.

Here are the pages your home builder website needs to build trust.

1) Your Approach to Building

What elements does your business focus on when building homes?

Your approach sets you apart from other builders and is vital for building trust with your customers. Show people reasons why they should choose you over other builders.

Consider including these items on your approach page:

  • Your step-by-step process: Do you help your customers arrange financing? Do you hold a groundbreaking ceremony for them when construction starts? How long will it be before they can move in?
  • Your building practices: Do you build with sustainable materials? What energy efficiency standards do your homes meet? Do you use 2x6 studs when other builders use 2x4 studs?
  • Your designs and features: Do you provide professional help with material selections and interior design options? Do all of your homes come with vaulted ceilings? What types of upgrades do you offer?

Including your approach in your about us section helps homebuyers answer the main question on their mind: Why this builder?

The above process laid out on the Schumacher Homes website makes it very clear that if you choose them, they will be there every step of the way.

2) Company History Page

Experience matters. Knowing that you are a second or third generation builder is something that will bring comfort to homebuyers looking at your homes. They will know that you are not just some fly-by-night operation.

Telling your story will help people to get to know you. Building this foundation starts the personal connection that will give people a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Here are a few tips for what to include on your company history page:

  • A compelling origin story: Remember to focus on why you started your business, not just when. Be authentic, highlighting difficulties you faced along the way. Your company will come across as more honest, approachable, and ultimately, more trustworthy.
  • Use a timeline: Share facts and milestones about your business on a timeline. This method is visually less complex than long paragraphs of text. If you do it this way, what you share will be easier for people to remember.
  • Use video and photography: Old photos in the company timeline or a two-minute video interview of the owner may be all a homebuyer needs to see to decide they want to meet with you.

Company History - Home Builder Websites: Build Trust with Your About Us Section
Check out the Murphy Brothers about us section. It has a great example of a company history page complete with a video and timeline.

3) Community Involvement

We all know how important location is in real estate. When your customer buys a home, they don’t just get a house, they get the community that comes along with it.

Showcase your involvement:

  • Does your company sponsor community events or local children’s sports teams? You can showcase photos from community BBQs or softball practice.
  • Do your employees donate their time by working with a local charity? Include a picture and a short interview with one of your team members saying why helping the charity is important to them.
  • Does your company provide manpower, equipment, or other resources during times when the community needs it the most? Have an area where you link to press articles and other mentions of your business helping out.
Giving Back - Home Builder Websites: Build Trust with Your About Us Section
Read how Toll Brothers makes it their business to give back to the community.

4) Your Company Culture

When a potential homebuyer is considering you as their builder, they want to see that the people at your company are passionate about their work. This helps them feel confident that the construction of their home is in good hands.

Here are some ways to show your company culture:

  • What is the positive impact that your company strives to make in people’s lives? Why do those who work in your organization feel like what they do really matters? Let homebuyers know by sharing your company vision, mission, and values .
  • Include bios of your senior leadership team as well as those employees who homebuyers will interact with. Start building a personal connection at your first opportunity.
  • Add a gallery with pictures of company picnics, the company softball team, awards ceremonies, ground breaking events, and other exciting company gatherings.
  • Feature an employee of the month and include a picture of them doing something outside of work that they like, such as golfing or hanging out with their family at home.
  • Include some testimonials from current employees.

In addition to your homebuyers being curious about your company, potential employees also want a glimpse into what life is like at your business. You can meet both of these needs with your company culture page.

Your Company Culture - Home Builder Websites: Build Trust with Your About Us Section
Brinkman Construction hits it out of the park with their culture page.

Something to think about

On every major area of your about us section, be sure to include a call to action. This way, your homebuyers always know what to do next. Make it easy for your homebuyers to contact you with a bright and easy-to-understand button that lets them know how they can get started on the process of buying a home with you.

Get Your About Us Section Into Professional Shape

When you’re writing content for your about us section, ask yourself this question for every piece of information you include: Does this help my customers?

We can help you carry out each item discussed in this article. If you are interested in working together, call (970) 744-3611 or send us an email so we can talk about what that would look like.

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