Why in the world would I write an ebook when I barely have time to send out invoices? What are the advantages? What do I get from spending time or money on this? I’m not a writer! I don’t have time!

Stop. Breathe. Let us explain. You may have had plenty of thoughts like the ones above when you read the title of this blog. We don’t blame you. Running a business is quite literally a full time job and many of us don’t have extra time to sit down and write a whole book!

Here’s the kicker. Taking the time to write an ebook markets your business in ways you may not have even realized. Particularly as a manufacturing, industrial or construction based company, writing an ebook gives insight into just what exactly your company does, works with or plans to achieve. Here are just a few reasons your business needs an ebook.

1. Ebooks describe what you believe in and what methods you adhere to when producing your products.

An ebook gives you an excellent opportunity to draw your line in the sand. This is your chance to write about your beliefs and why you do things the way you do. Do you have a sustainable practice that other manufacturing companies don’t practice? Great, tell us in the ebook. Does your construction team spend extra time on certains aspects of the job? Let us know in an ebook.

Milk.org provides a “Fact Sheet” or ebook on their website that lists facts about Canadian dairy cows . The Ontario based organization wrote this Ebook in order to provide their customers with a more transparent look into their dairy industry. The ebook outlines everything from general dairy statistics to how the cows are housed, bred and cared for.

2. They’re an excellent way for you to organize your thoughts about your products and services.

The more you think and write about something the better you'll get at explaining it to others. Think about it. Dedicating your time to creating an ebook about your business requires you to really think about your mission statement and what exactly you are offering your customers. Think of an Ebook as an in depth proposal or project pitch.

While Green Dot Bioplastics may not need any help organizing their thoughts, they’ve certainly laid out what they do, how they achieve it and even a few case studies in their rich knowledge section on their website. In particular, their ebook Biocomposite Plastics vs. Traditional Plastics outlines the sustainability of bioplastics and the role Green Dot plays in the industry. Take note, Green Dot requires readers’ contact information and company name before downloading their ebooks.

3. You become the authority.

How many other companies in your industry have written an ebook that teaches people about your product? Not very many would be our guess. Businesses that do take the time are seen as credible and an expert in their field. Customers will trust your company and products more if they learn about your industry through you. A well-written ebook that teaches us about your niche gives us the sense that you do, in fact, know what you are talking about.

Take for example Richmond American Homes. They’ve provided a bundle of Ebooks that cover a range of topics for new homebuyers. From first time home owner guides to home energy efficiency guides, Richmond American Homes clearly know the ins and outs of homeownership. Providing potential customers with ample resources about your market can have a tremendous impact on their impression of your business.

4.Get your foot in the door.

Ebooks are something you’ll use to help promote and market your business. While you could advertise for a straight sale, those methods aren’t always the most effective. Think of it as going on a first date and asking the person to marry you. Not the best idea, right? You need to warm your customers up with some information about your business before asking for the sale. What better way to do that than with an ebook?

To provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with advice and information on coatings, US Coatings created an ebook The OEM's Guide to Industrial Coatings . Not only does the guide provide OEMs with great examples on how processes can be made more efficient and compliant, US Coatings eases potential customers into a sale by detailing all the benefits and potential savings they can provide. As an added bonus, those customers that have read US Coatings’ ebook can now come fully prepared to talk business.

5. Learn important information about your contacts.

To get your ebook, customers will have to fill out a form. Your form should ask them questions that help you understand their needs better. This form will also help you segment customers, so you know what emails are the most appropriate for them. This ensures that you’re communicating with your customers in the most effective way possible.

Korte is a Design-Build construction company that works on a variety of different projects for corporate and private sectors. Like any smart business, Korte continues to learn about its potential clients by gathering information. One way they do this is through their Ebooks . Before a customer can read any ebook they must complete a form that asks for basic information and for job roles or roles in organizations. Information like this helps Korte profile potential customers and attune future content towards the market they see visit and download their content more often.

6. People/businesses that download your Ebook are high quality leads.

Those that download your Ebook, believe it or not, are interested in your products and want to learn more. While not every download may result in a sale, you will get some business from your Ebook. Some businesses who write ebooks even go as far as requiring contacts to read their ebook before setting up a meeting. This prequalifies customers in case their needs don’t exactly correlate with what you are willing to provide.

When you’re a highly specialized cloud business like Faction, you know people who download your ebooks are obviously interested in your product. Faction offers eight different (and growing) ebooks and white papers that cover a range of topics on cloud services and the cloud industry. To access each ebook or white paper, readers must provide a name, business email and company. We’re betting Faction has gained more than a few good leads through these forms.

7. Use your ebook to create a brochure.

Whether you’re presenting at an event, business meeting or proposal, a brochure version of your ebook is an excellent physical piece of marketing to hand out. You can also tell people they can download the full ebook for free from your website (hint hint traffic hint hint.) Those that do follow your lead are very interested in learning more about you and your products.

Check out CKPower’s ebook guide to Final Tier 4 Regulations . Created after receiving multiple questions and seeing common problems from their customers, CKPower’s guide is a handy printable they can provide their customers (or potential customers) as an introduction to their business and industry and to the knowledge and services they can provide.

Along with an ebook we created for NOCO ENERGY STAR® Homes, we also made a companion brochure that could easily be handed out at events.

Ebook companion brochure for NOCO ENERGY STAR Homes

The brochure gives a quick overview of the benefits of buying an Energy Star certified new home and prominently features the URL to download the full guide from the website.

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