4 Types Of Photography For Industrial Companies®

If your company is in an industry like manufacturing, technology, energy, or construction it is crucial to have quality photos that grab the attention of your audience and leave a lasting impression. Your marketing campaigns will fall flat and seem amateurish if you use low-resolution images or rely too heavily on stock photography not created specifically for you.

In this article, we are going to look at 4 types of professional photography that will improve the quality of your marketing collateral. We encourage you to hire a professional photographer that has experience working with industrial clients.

1. Product Shots

Quality product shots are one of the most important assets your business can invest in. Whether you manufacture small components or large complicated systems, you want photos that look as good as your finished product. Potential customers do research through a variety of outlets, including online, in print, at trade shows, and in brochures and catalogs. They will be drawn to the companies that make their products look good no matter what medium they are reproduced in.

Nordson MEDICAL recently hired us to do product shots of their new line of medical components. They typically render their product images using 3-D modeling software, but with this product line, photos needed to be taken. We were faced with the challenge of matching the images to their existing renders.

We arranged our in-studio stage and lighting to accurately show the transparency and reflectivity of the plastic material. We also shot each part in several different positions so that they could be used individually or in compositions. A straight-on shot is ideal for their online shopping cart and catalog. The 45° angle shots gave them the freedom to make different arrangements to fit their marketing and promotional needs. Also, being shot on white, we were able to cut out the parts and use them on different backgrounds. Nordson MEDICAL has everything they need to show off their new product line and promote it as a suitable medical component.

Industrial Photography - Product Shots
Industrial Photography: Product Shots for Nordson Medical

2. Business Portraits

If you want your business to look polished, your business portraits need to be top-notch. Employee pictures need to be professional and consistent with your brand’s image. Business portraits can be used for profile pictures if your employees speak at a conference, write a whitepaper, have a bio on your website, or participate on LinkedIn. Poorly cropped vacation pictures just don’t cut it.

Even if the work you do is not in an office environment, quality business portraits are important to highlight your company’s attitude and skills. Posed images at your workplace are interesting to your clients, giving them a better picture of what you do.

Kinetic Industry is a great example of the business portraits we do. We went on-location to take photos of their team. A suit and tie, in-studio shot just wasn’t appropriate for their type of industrial work. Using their equipment as a backdrop, we focused the camera on the individual, highlighting their expertise and personality. Their customers can clearly see what they do, how they do it, and where they do it. The consistency in Kinetic’s portraits also gives their business a distinct and professional appearance that’s all their own.

Industrial Photography - Business Portraits
Industrial Photography: Business Portraits for Kinetic Industry

3. Architectural Photography

And don’t forget about your building! The perception people have of your company is greatly influenced by the photography of your location. Our architectural photography ranges from exterior shots of manufacturing facilities, to cleanrooms, to production areas and storage warehouses.

Our images of Morning Fresh Dairy’s facilities and operations are extensive. We took exterior shots of their entire Noosa plant to show its impressive size and innovative procedures. We took photos of their cow carousel to highlight their state-of-the-art technology. We also photographed their large warehouse to highlight how much they can produce and distribute. And the customer sees all of this at a glance. The key to industrial photography is to highlight what makes you unique and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Industrial Photography - Architectural Photography
Industrial Photography: Architectural Photography for Noosa Yoghurt

4. On-location Photography

Finally, on-location photography gives your customers a sneak peek into how you operate. Customers like to see your employees in action. It gives them comfort to see how you get the job done and that you care about your work, your products or services, and ultimately your customers. Another benefit of on-location photography is that it eliminates downtime. We come to you and take pictures from the sidelines so your crews can keep working.

Our on-location photography of BWI includes unposed action shots of the crew engaged in what they’re doing. The welding images just wouldn’t have the same impact and authenticity if they were shot in the studio. Seeing employees in action reinforces in the customer’s mind that BWI is a company that knows what they’re doing and has the team and the tools to get the job done right.

Industrial Photography - On-location Photography
Industrial Photography: On-location Photography for BWI

Using these four types of images in your marketing will help you succeed in the competitive industrial market. Using them in your content on your website, in social media posts, in trade show graphics, and in print advertising helps your business look professional to your customers. Your expertise in the field will be more obvious and you will be seen as a leader in your industry.

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